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Blog Provides FREE Translation Service During Lockdown

Matthew ·April 29th 2022

Foreigners in China, particularly expatriates and students, were openly given free service to assist people trapped in their own apartment compound as a result of the recent lockdown.

Chinese New Year: All around the world

Matthew ·February 1st 2022Toward: Chinese

Chinese families celebrate a Chinese new year for their happiness. Do you know the meaning behind it and what do they do in different areas around the world. Learn from this article!

List of Indigenous languages in Malaysia and details

Eugene ·January 21st 2022Toward: Malay

Not only does Malaysia has Malay, Chinese, and Indian but she also has many races. This article tells you what language they speak, more detail about them.


Learn about language, culture and lifestyle
Matthew · Toward: Thai

How to read and write Thai address with examples

Reading & Writing addresses in Thai might be difficult if you are unfamiliar with them. This course, we will teach you Thai addresses and their structure.

Eugene · Toward: Malay

How to bargain in Malay, Learn with Conversation

Bargaining is a fun part of shopping. If you do it right, you will get a negotiated reward. We will teach you how to bargain when shopping in Malaysia.

Matthew · Toward: Chinese

How to rent your first apartment in China & What to consider

Renting a house in China is not that easy. Especially when you can't speak their language. Read this post to rent a house in China with a confidence

Matthew · Toward: Chinese

Ways to Write an Effective Product Description in Chinese

Sell your products to China on Cross-Border Trading? You need to know how to write a good product description to catch customers' attention. Learn it here!

Matthew · Toward: Chinese

How to Tell Direction in Chinese?

In China. You have to communicate with others to get to the right place. Here we will be teaching you how to tell directions that people will understand.

Eugene · Toward: Malay

Malay vs English: Similarities and Differences

In Malaysia, locals speak English as a business language, Malay as a national language. You may curious about the similarity among them. Let's learn here!