Chinese Apps Alternatives to use when you're in China

China is perceived to be a conservative country when it comes to technology. Some apps are only usable in China for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are only offered there, are illegal elsewhere, or are just inappropriate to use due to the language restriction to Chinese.

For example, while Facebook and Google are a popular choice in many nations, China has adopted Baidu and Weibo as a substitute because those apps are banned. Therefore, we have created a list of popular apps that are available outside of China to assist you in discovering alternatives to these well-known apps.

Short Video

- Global: TikTok

- Chinese Alternative: Douyin / Kuaishou

Both Douyin and Kuaishou are actually short video platforms where users can browse short videos to past time. Additionally, users are able to upload 30-second-long short films.

You might be surprised to learn that Bytedance, the same developer who created TikTok, also created Douyin. TikTok is accessible worldwide, but Douyin is only available in China.

Similar to Douyin, TikTok offers users a platform to share short video content. Users of TikTok can watch an infinite number of videos that are personalised for each user, explore and browse content, add music and sounds to their own videos before posting them, express their creativity in videography and video editing, and support their favourite creators by subscribing to their channels.


- Global: YouTube

- Chinese Alternative: Bilibili / Youku 优酷

The public can post longer videos and share their contents on long-form video hosting platforms like Bilibili or Youku. Bilibili, Youku, and Youtube are not created by the same creator, in contrast to Douyin and TikTok. Users may watch and explore new videos on both Bilibili and Youku thanks to the regular updates made by the creators.

Similar to other platforms, YouTube enables users to watch and subscribe to content they enjoy, keep up with world events, produce video using mobile devices, and support the YouTube community. Furthermore, watching and creating material on YouTube is totally free for viewers.

Netflix is another alternative to this. Users can view new movies and TV shows which Netflix continuously adds to their large library. However, Netflix offers a membership service that is not suitable for everyone and can be fairly expensive.

Ride Hailing

- Global: Uber

- Chinese Alternative: Didi

Didi, a ride-hailing service, is used in China. However, in some other countries, Didi might not be available. An alternative to this is Uber.

Uber is another ride-hailing app that provides customers with transportation services so they can easily travel anywhere in various parts of the world. Uber users can request a journey at any time and from any location. Everyone may now travel anywhere they want thanks to Uber. Using the safety features in Uber, you may share your ride with your close friends or family members so that they are always aware of your whereabouts.

Restaurant/Businesss Recommendation

- Global: Yelp

- Chinese Alternative: DaZhong DianPing 大众点评

With the use of the app DaZhong Dian Ping, users can remark on and rate the goods they've purchased so that other users can decide whether or not to buy them. It makes it simple for every user to learn more about the products they are buying and the reviews of those products.

The review app Yelp, which has more than 135 million reviews of various establishments globally, is an alternative to this in other nations. Yelp provides reviews to various categories including Restaurants, Plumbing, Salons, Delivery, Food, products, and others.

Additionally, consumers could locate nearby stores so they wouldn't have to travel far to find what they needed. In order to express their own opinions on the sites they had visited, users could also publish their own comments and reviews about those locations.

Food Delivery

- Global: Uber Food

- Chinese Alternative: MeiTuan WaiMai 美团外卖 / 饿了么

Both the food delivery apps MeiTuan WaiMai and can help satisfy your appetite, especially during lockdowns. In other countries, there is an alternative to these apps called Uber Eats. Users of Uber Eats can search nearby restaurants for their favourite cuisine.

After placing their order, users will be able to follow the progress of their deliveries. Users of Uber Eats can also use cash or internet banking to pay for their meals. Currently, cities in Australia, the US, the UK, Japan, India, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and numerous other nations provide Uber Eats.

Map and Navigation

- Global: Google Map

- Chinese Alternative: Baidu Map / GaoDe Map

In order to navigate in China, tourists can use the GaoDe and Baidu maps. They might only have access to China, but Google Maps is used by users all over the world to navigate other locations in the world.

There are several options for getting about the city via Google Maps, and users may also calculate their travel time with it. Wherever you are, Google Maps can precisely display your position. If you require a rapid route map, it is unquestionably the best option.


- Global: Amazon / Lazada / Shopee

- Chinese Alternative: Taobao / JD / Pinduoduo

Ever heard of Alibaba, a major online retailer? Taobao is the biggest online marketplace where customers can buy their favourite products and have them shipped for the lowest possible cost anywhere in the world.

The best option for an alternative in Southeast Asia is Lazada & Shopee. Shopee provides deliveries of goods in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and many other nations. While in the US and Europe is Amazon. You can choose from a wide range of item categories and make your selection there.

Grocery Shopping

- Global: Instacart Grab Supermarket

- Chinese Alternative: HeMa 盒马

Hema is a brand-new retail platform operated by Alibaba Group that is data- and technology-driven. Hema wants to build a one-stop new retail experience centre where customers can buy their fresh meals and everyday consumables.

Instacart and Grab Supermarket is an alternative to this in other nations. They promise inexpensive costs, free delivery for orders over a specific amount, daily fresh products, quick next-day delivery, and a large selection for customers to pick from. It truly raises the bar for the experience of grocery shopping.

Second hand Marketplace

- Global: Facebook marketplace

- Chinese Alternative: XianYu 闲鱼

An application of Alibaba's trading platform is called Xianyu. Users can carry out a variety of tasks, such as selling "bought treasures" in their personal Taobao accounts with just one click, photographing and uploading their own second-hand unused items, and conducting online transactions, all without having to go through the laborious process of opening a store.

An alternative to this category is Facebook marketplace. Any country in the world which can access Facebook, Facebook marketplace provides services that allow users to purchase and sell a variety of items, including clothes, cosmetics, homes, automobiles, and home services. Users can list their favourite goods on the site for sale to clear out clutter while making money.


- Global: Reddit

- Chinese Alternative: XiaoHongShu 小红书 / Weibo 微博

The Chinese blogging apps like Xiao Hong Shu and the English Reddit are very similar. Reddit is a community forum where users may interact and conduct stimulating online discussions. Numerous communities exist, including those for gamers, bloggers, fandoms, streamers, artists, and creators.

On Reddit, you can get information on any subject you can imagine. Reddit provides users with access to tens of thousands of communities, personal questions and answers, conversations, live video streams, chats, speeches, various viewpoints, and a wide range of other items. You may also sign up for Reddit Premium, which comes with features like an ad-free experience, a premium avatar, premium app icons, and more.

That concludes the discussion of the famous Chinese applications' substitutes. With the abundance of technology available today, there are no restrictions on where we can utilise these apps. Alternatives are always available. We hope that this guide has made it easier for you to use a substitute for these apps.

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