News Provides FREE Translation Service During Lockdown

Matthew ·April 29th 2022

Foreigners in China, particularly expatriates and students, were openly given free service to assist people trapped in their own apartment compound as a result of the recent lockdown.

[PR] – Break All Language Barriers In Seconds!

Matthew ·August 8th 2021

We have released on an on-demand translation service on our Application named Read to know why we started and how it will do!

Tackling a post-pandemic travel unconfidence with

Matthew ·May 3rd 2021

Everyone is waiting for the post-pandemic life.

Overcoming the difficulties of a global business during the pandemic.

Matthew ·May 3rd 2021

Running a global business during the pandemic is not easy. To get the situation better, this is the post that you should read.


Chinese Apps Alternatives to use when you're in China

Eugene ·July 16th 2022

China is perceived to be a conservative country when it comes to technology. Check the app that you will use as an alternative when you come to China here.

Chinese New Year: All around the world

Matthew ·February 1st 2022

Chinese families celebrate a Chinese new year for their happiness. Do you know the meaning behind it and what do they do in different areas around the world. Learn from this article!

List of Indigenous languages in Malaysia and details

Eugene ·January 21st 2022

Not only does Malaysia has Malay, Chinese, and Indian but she also has many races. This article tells you what language they speak, more detail about them.

High Demand Jobs for Foreigner in Malaysia & How To Get a Work Visa

Eugene ·December 22nd 2021

Want to work in Malaysia as an Expat? You have a good chance if your job is in these fields and Read to know how to get yourself a work visa. Check it out!