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August 8, 2021 – Disclose.ly has announced a new application, Disclose.ly, an online on-demand translation platform that can help anyone translate to and from any language in seconds. Dissclose.ly will redefine translations and be curated based on originality, quality, creativity and accuracy. Disclose.ly will give any users the freedom to understand any language, converse in any country and without needing to learn a new language.

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Translation is still an important tool for many conversations, including cross-country conversations, businesses, and even tourism. Without a doubt, translation services play a major role in bringing everyone together and making everyone understandable. There are numerous translation tools available on the market, but Disclose.ly is the first mobile application to include an on-demand human translation service to assist with everyday conversation needs. Disclose.ly is the ideal companion for people of all sorts, whether you enjoy travelling, getting in touch with international clients, working in an international company, making new friends around the globe, or simply learning a new language.

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"We believe that everybody can communicate without a language barrier", said by Disclose.ly founder. Disclose.ly was founded with the goal to enable anyone to converse and understand any language without having to learn it. Unlike many translation companies that help with traditional translation and are expensive for individual customers. Disclose.ly aims to help normal people overcome daily life language struggles at an affordable rate. Disclose.ly knows that learning a new language is difficult for anyone, and mastering techniques for conversing in another language is even more difficult. As a result, Disclose.ly hopes to assist anyone, including world travelers, foreigners, international clients, expats, students, and tourists, etc. To overcome daily language barriers and adapt to intercultural environments more easily.

Today’s applications are all about accessibility and convenience, and Disclose.ly proudly announces that it can be accessed using a smartphone. Translations can then be performed easily and quickly at the tip of your fingers. It makes the translation process much easier and faster.

Disclose.ly allows its users to communicate directly with the interpreter and will translate to other languages for you. Disclose.ly also introduces a new instant chat translation service that does not require any reservations or bookings to be made in advance with the translator and allows users to translate their chat anywhere and anytime.

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Miscommunications and misinterpretations often create unnecessary stress on all of us, even worse, disrupting relationships between friends or colleagues. Therefore, Disclose.ly believes that with this new application, everyone will be able to communicate and comprehend better in daily conversations while considering cultural differences, context, emotions and feelings, and accuracy. In this case, to improve translated daily conversations in all aspects, Disclose.ly uses real human translations instead of machine translations, which improves the accuracy and consistency of its translations. Disclose.ly offers only the best and most experienced translators based on various translation topics in order to provide the most reliable and accurate translation. Disclose.ly also has a matching process that will pair you with the most appropriate interpreter, allowing you to converse in other languages instantly.

Disclose.ly also has an easy-to-use interface where users can sign up to gain access to all of the features in the application. Anyone can converse in any language with ease with just a touch and a click. Disclose.ly believes that by bridging the language gap, the world will become more connected, and everyone will be able to communicate more effectively.

Disclose.ly - Interpreter app

Disclose.ly also has a separate counterpart, Disclose.ly – Interpreter, where users can sign up to work as interpreters for the application. It is an app dedicated to all users who wish to become partners for the app. Disclose.ly - Interpreter was created with the goal to help interpreters experience new working opportunities while also lowering partner’s operational costs. By registering as an interpreter, you will be entitled to benefits such as a discount when translating your own texts and the opportunity to earn additional income. To ensure that every translation is consistent and of high quality, Disclose.ly – Interpreter requires all its interpreters to be bilingual, conversationally fluent, have at least one year of interpreting experience, and have a good internet connection.

Disclose.ly and Disclose.ly – Interpreter, is available now for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For more information, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or you can visit https://www.disclose.ly/ or contact: contact@disclose.ly

This application can make you understand and understandable in every language.

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