Tackling a post-pandemic travel unconfidence with Disclose.ly

The outbreak of COVID-19 was rapidly spread across the globe and has had an unpredicted impact on people traveling aboard. Since we've been locked down at home for a long time. Everybody is waiting to travel again.

We can see from the news that governments in many countries are doing their best to expand their vaccines for their citizens and Hopefully, it will unlock international travel once again to relieve our quarantine fatigue.

Although many people want to travel again, the traveler’s perception, expectation, and habit might not be the same as pre-pandemic. Travelers are likely to be much more concerned with uncertainty ahead.

We always reduce the risk. Even before the pandemic, humans try to avoid the problem when going to an unfamiliar place. We tend to obey advice from locals or laws of other cities rather than our own.

In order to travel on the post-pandemic era with more confidence. We release the service that will help you with that. Disclose.ly is an application that will connect you to an interpreter who will able to help you with uncertain things during traveling.

If you have problems. For example, you have to explain some things to the authority figure who can't speak English and also doesn't speak the same language as you. You can tell our interpreter to explain it to him. Or when you fall ill or have an accident while you're on holiday abroad. Contact our interpreter to explain your condition to the doctor in more detail and a more accurate way.

It will make you have delightful experiences during post-pandemic travel and will help you to overcome the struggle that you're going to face during traveling and make you have confidence in traveling.

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Got Language Problem?

Let us help. Our on-demand Interpreters can help you to translate anytime and anywhere!

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